The Different Golfers at a Driving Range

Every time I go to the driving range I always see a selection of different golfers. No matter whether it’s a different range the same types of golfers crop up again and again. So I decided to tell you about them and hopefully you can relate to some of them.

The Old Guy – Whatever range you go too there is always one guy who seems to know, and be best friends, with everyone. Especially the owner or manager who must be their long lost siblings or something. After greeting all 47 people in the range he then proceeds to never leave. It is as if he sleeps there, he’s first there in the morning and last to leave at night. 

The Family Man – We’ve all either seen this or done it. This is the bloke that persuades his wife to let him go out to the driving range but, and this is a big but, she insists that he must take the kids out as well. 

The Professional Beginner – This guy is the golfer who has recently taken up the sport and is not confident to go to a golf course yet so decides to put in practice at the driving range. You can always identify this person as they have an unorthodox and uncontrollable swing, trying to spank the case off the ball and more times than not he misses the ball entirely. 

Tricks Shot Fanatic/Failure – This person is the golfer who you see juggling balls, attempting Happy Gilmore’s and trying volley golf balls on the bounce. These people are very amusing to watch though it doesn’t go right all the time. 


“Does Using Expensive Golf Balls Matter?”

C’mon, everyone has been it that situation before a round where you need to buy some balls and you need to go to your local golf shop to pick some up.

When in the shop and browsing which brand to buy, I my self have been in this situation, all brands are £20 or so pounds a box. You then inspect the box and the reason the price is so much is because the balls have some ‘extra long range hitting capability’ which has to do with some sorcery that enables you to hit the ball like Jordan Spieth.

I know this is a little exaggerated but many brands do believe that the type of ball you use is crucial to your game play. Which is their reasoning for why their is such a large price tag on their balls. So I took it upon myself to find out “Do Using Expensive Golf Balls Matter?”

After some light research I found out the difference of the tee between premium and standard ball is that the premium ball roughly goes 15 yards further of the swing and connection is identical and good. Sometimes no difference at all, when an amateur is striking the ball such as myself.

Although the real interesting part is that the premium balls spin much more in the air. This is due to the number and quality of layers in the ball. So if you short game is good you might want to invest in some expensive golf balls as you can control these balls much better in your short game.

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Well You Don’t See That Everyday

This is a list of the weirdest shots in PGA history. I have compiled this list of shots that are outrageous because the luck and skill of the golfer defies all odds.

Sergio Garcia’s Iconic Recovery. This is one of the strangest shots I’ve ever seen and all things considered it’s a decent lie considering the ball is 12 feet up a tree. Somehow Garcia works his way up the tree to hit the ball back on the fairway. Whilst reversed and using only one hand. WHAT?

Johnny Miller’s Deflection. This was when Miller’s ball was against a wooden fence in a bunker. So he, purposely, struck the ball against the wooden structure and deflected it onto the green so he could collect a par. This man has a sense of ingenuity. I applaud that.

Ben Crenshaw Reversing The Club. His ball lied under a low branched tree and this golfer, who was right-handed, reversed his club so he could hit the ball from a left- handed position, as well as having to scoop it from under the tree, to then pitch the ball on to the green to within a foot of the cup. Personally I couldn’t do that addressing the ball normally and without the tree in the way.

I am doubtful I wil ever be able to complete a shot as ridiculous as some of these. We should recognise that these shots are rare occurrence and should be appreciated.

Olympic Golf

The 2016 Summer Olympics will be the first time for golf to be played at the olympics since the 1904 Summer Olympics. It will feature men’s and women’s individual events which 60 men and 60 women from 41 different nations will compete.

The course was designed by President Gil Hanse in Reserva de Marapendi in the Barra da Tijuca Zone. Hanse’s golf course was chosen from eight contenders.

Although Jordan Speith and Rory Mcilroy won’t be making an appearance Bubba Watson (USA) and Justin Rose (GB) are both excited and looking to capitalise upon the opportunity of the top players in the world not being their.

How to Improve Your Putting

I believe that in golf putting can be the hardest part of it. Here are some tips that helped me and will hopefully help you improve your accuracy and consistency.

– Know How To Read A Green. I see it too often we players are on the green and just go for the hole. When on the green you should analyse the hole. You should account for the weather, the type of grass on the green and the angle/s of the slope/s in between the ball and the hole.

– Watch The Ball and Follow Through. You need to watch the ball when striking it because 1. It will stop you from standing up on the shot and 2. It will ensure a clean contact with the ball. You should also follow through this will provide the ball with direction. You should always follow the club head through to your target.

– Practice. The last point practice you will need to practice these tips and practice on different greens to master putting.

These tips helped me hopefully they will help someone else.

Different Types of Golf Players

Throughout my time of playing golf I have seen many types of players and common stereotypes throughout the sport. I have made a mental note of these and am now going to share them. So here are some, of the many, different type of players in golf.

– The Lie Improver. This player is the person who would after finding their ball on the edge of the rough they would proceed to kick it on to the fairway to gain a better lie.

– Mr. Motor Mouth. This is the player that ,when addressing your ball and when you have completed your back swing and are starting the swing, believes it is that at that point in time it is the best time to ask you what the par this hole is? Or what the range of the hole is? Or what you scored last hole?

– Too Many Practice Swings Guy. This guy is the player who take roughly 57 swings before hitting the ball and ,more often than not, then fin the ball along the ground about 30 yards.

– The Rally Driver. This is your one mate who believes that in his previous life he was a rally driver. He makes it his duty to roll, crash and skid the buggy around each and EVERY corner.

– The Untrustworhry Score Keeper. This is player who at the end of every hole seems to forget how maths works and always take 2 shots off of their actual total that hole.

– Sir Slice-a-lot. This is a player that has a mystical power that enables them to slice and hook every shot.

These are all the different types of players I have seen on the golf course. I’ll keep my eyes out for more.

The Clubs

The bag of golf clubs will contain woods, hybrid, irons, wedges and a putter. These clubs are designed to hit the ball different distances due to varying loft, shape and weight of the club.

Woods are used to hit the ball the furthest and are often used of the tee but the 3 and 5 wood are sometime hit off of the ground because of their large loft. The driver (1 wood) is used of the tee and has between 9-11 degrees of loft.

Irons are used when a golfer is within 200 yards or less of the green. Irons range from 1-9, 1 having the least loft and 9 having the most. A standard golf bag will contain 4-9 as irons 1, 2 and 3 are the hardest to master.

Hybrids have attributes from irons and woods. They are round like a wood. They also provide distance and power like a wood, but the are shorter like an iron and have a loft between 16-26 degrees.

Wedges include a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. The sand wedge is used when in a bunker and has a high loft of up to 64 degrees. This is get the ball as high up as possible over the shortest distance possible. A pitching wedge is used when within 70 yards or less of the green and has a slightly lower loft of 46-51 degrees as it doesn’t need to get the ball up  in the air so quickly.

The last club in the bag is the putter which is used when on the green and has a loft on 0 degrees. It is used to roll the ball along the green towards and into the hole.